Welcome to Mogaland App ("App")! We are committed to providing you with a fun and engaging experience, while also respecting your privacy.

We take the protection of your Personal Data very seriously. Hence, we handle your Personal Data as confidential information and in compliance with the statutory data protection regulations and this Privacy Policy. Whenever you use our Services, various Personal Data will be collected.

The following information will provide you with an overview of how we collect your data as well as the purposes we use this data for when you use our games and other services (“Services”). Please read it carefully before using the App. By accessing or using the App, you consent to this Privacy Policy and any updates to it that we may provide from time to time.

The term „Personal Data” (or “Data”) comprises all data that can be used to personally identify you, either directly (such as your first and last name, your email address or your telephone number), or indirectly (such as your phone ID, cookie identifier or game data).

We are processing your Data as a controller under EU data protection laws:

Tradelite Solutions GmbH
Romanstr. 47, 80639 Munich

If you have any questions or suggestions about data protection or want to reach out to our data protection officer, you can contact us here.


On the one hand, your Data is collected by you communicating it to us. This may be Data that you enter in a contact form or if you connect our Services to third-party accounts, such as Apple or Google. Other Data is automatically collected when you download and use our Services. If you watch advertisements within our Services or those of your partners, we may also collect information about the advertisements served and how often you have viewed them, their location in the game and the identifier of your device. We and our partners may also collect information about your actions in relation to the advertisements, such as the page views, the time and the duration of the view.

In order to fully use our Services, it is necessary to provide the data listed below. Without this Data, we are not able to provide our Services in its full extent to you.

We may collect and use your Data when you:

a) Download our games and create an Account

When you download our games, we collect the time, date and install source of your download. To use our Services, you may create an Account by providing your email address and chosen nickname.

When you first play our games, we may automatically generate a user ID (“Player ID”).

b) Use our Services

When you use our Services, we may automatically collect your:

  • game data such as achieved game levels, rewards, completed events, virtual currency and statistics including the playtime or the use of the various features as well as the data associated with any bugs and malfunctions.
  • IP address and approximate location data (derived from your IP address)
  • mobile device identifiers such as your device ID advertising ID with your consent
  • device data and technical data such as device type and operating system, network connection type and mobile carrier, screen resolution, device language
  • user preferences and settings, such as game language, settings regarding push-notifications and in-game sound and music.

We collect this Data to provide you with access to our games, for example to your saved game and unlocked or purchased content and to improve your experience and the security of our Services.

c) Make purchases in our Services

We do not collect or store any payment information such as your credit card number. When you make purchases within our Services, we only collect Data about purchase transaction types and spend you have made using virtual items in the Services.

d) Connect to our Services with your credentials from a third-party platform or connect to our Services via social link to your friends

You may also create an Account and/or sign in by using third-party accounts such as your Apple or Google account.

If you use Apple to create an Account with our Services, the following Data is shared with us:

  • Your name associated with your Apple ID
  • Email address (you can provide directly or use an alias)

You can cancel the connection of our Services with your Apple account anytime by following the instructions provided by Apple: Manage the apps that you use with Sign in with Apple.

If you use Google to create an Account with our Services, the following Data is shared with us:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Language preference
  • Profile picture

You can cancel the connection of our Services with your Google account anytime by following the instructions provided by Google: Stop signing in with Google.

Some of our Services allow you to create an invitation link that you may send to your friends for them to create an Account. If you share your invitation link, you agree that your friends and contacts see that you use our Services, and you agree that the App will be aware of the invitation-relationship between your Account and the Accounts created by any friends and contacts you successfully invited.

e) View personalized advertisements or content within our Services or those of our partners

When you watch ads within our Services or those of our partners, we may collect information such as the ad provider, the advertisement watched, the number of times it was watched, its location in the Service and the identifier of your device if you have opted in to personalized advertising. We may also collect information about your actions in relation to the advertisement. Our trusted marketing partners may collect your Data as explained in Section 4 below.

We can combine the Data collected with our partners when you use our Services. We may also use all your Data collected to offer you personalized advertisements, products, services or content via our Services or those of our partners.

If you access our Services on an iOS device, you can opt-in to personalized advertisements by allowing tracking upon first launch of our Services. If you want to opt-out to personalized advertising, you can do this via “Privacy” settings on your iOS device and “Ads” settings on your Android device. If you want to opt-out of personalized advertising, you may also consult Section 9 “Your Rights” under the paragraph “Give and withdraw your consent”.

f) Contact our Player Support team

If you send support requests to our Player Support team by email, via integrated support/feedback submission form within our Services or via messages within social media platforms, we collect and process the Data from your request and Data from your account, such as your Player ID, game data, device data and technical data. We collect this Data to appropriately respond to your requests.

The Data sent by you to us via contact requests remains with us until you request us to delete, revoke your consent to the storage or the purpose for the Data storage lapses. Mandatory statutory provisions in particular statutory retention periods remain unaffected.


To improve the features and design of our Services we may analyze all collected data. The analyses of your usage Data are usually conducted anonymously; i.e. the patterns cannot be traced back to you.

Specifically, we use third-party analytical tools in connection with our own Services. These partners process your data only at and according to our specific instructions and may use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information about your use of our Apps.


We use third-party analytical tools to deliver advertising and content relevant to your interests.

These partners process your Data only at and according to our specific instructions and may use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information about your use of our Services.

This collected information includes, but is not limited to installation Data, in-app events, language, platform, device type, operating system version or device IDs such as advertising IDs and usage information.

We use the following advertising networks in order to be able to integrate advertising within our free-of-charge Services. These collect the Data described below for the purpose of providing personalized advertising:

Advertising network Provider Type of Data collected
AdMob/Google Google Corporation, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, California, USA Online identifiers, including cookie identifiers, internet protocol addresses and device identifiers; client identifiers Privacy Policy

You can object to the use of personalized advertising by making the following settings depending on your device type: On iPhone or iPad, first open “Settings,” tap on “Privacy,” and open “Advertising.” Here you can enable “Limit Ad Tracking.” If you use devices with Android and Google Play Services, first open “Google Settings,” tap on “Advertising,” then open “Disable interest-related ads,” then tap on “OK.”


We may share your Data with:

  • The technical service providers involved in the supply of the Services. As subcontractors, these service providers are under the same obligations as Tradelite Solutions GmbH to comply with applicable data protection laws.
  • The partners who use your Data to provide you with personalized advertisements or personalized content.
  • Other companies, only in the event of a transfer of Tradelite Solutions GmbH’s activities.
  • Administrative or judicial authorities to verify the proper use of our Services or for the purposes of an investigation, in compliance with applicable law. Tradelite Solutions GmbH always verifies the legitimacy of the request.

In such cases, your Data may be transferred to countries located outside of the European Union who provide an equivalent level of protection. In the event of transfer to other countries, the protection of your Data is especially ensured by the signature of standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.


Unless the law specifies a different retention period, we will delete or anonymize your personal information as soon as it is no longer needed for the purposes for which we collected or used it in accordance with the preceding paragraphs. If data must be kept for legal reasons, they are blocked and no longer available for further use.


We may use your Data in one of the following circumstances:

  • The existence of a contract between us to provide you with Services. You enter into this contract with us by accepting our Terms of Services.
  • Our legitimate interest (or reasonable expectations of users), to offer you the best possible user experience, such as to ensure the security of the Services, moderate the community or respond to your requests and questions.
  • If it is required to comply with a legal obligation or document compliance with legal obligations.
  • Your consent to offer you advertisements, products, services or personalized content depending on your user profile.


To use our Services you must confirm full legal capacity or, in case of restricted legal capacity, obtain the consent of your legal guardian. We do not knowingly collect or ask for personal information from children. In case you can’t confirm full legal capacity, please do not send us any Data about yourself, including name, address or email address. If we learn that we have collected Personal Data of a child, we will delete these as soon as possible. If you think that we might have Data from a child, please contact us at support@tradelite.de.

However, we may collect technical information required for delivering the Service and for the support of our internal operations from all users of our Services. For more information, please see the article on the access and terms specific to minors in our Terms of Services.


In case you have questions about this Privacy Policy or want to exercise your rights as described below, please contact us via email at support@tradelite.de.

a) Obtain a copy of your Data – “Right of access and data portability”:

At any time, you can request a copy of your Data. You may also consult the Data, use it yourself or transfer it to another service provider.

b) Correct your Data – “Right to rectification”

You have the right to correct your Data when it is inaccurate or incomplete (for example, change your address).

c) Delete your Account – “Right to erasure (right to be forgotten)”

You can request the closure of your Account and the deletion of the associated Data.

d) Limit the use of your Data – “Right to restriction of processing”

You also have the right to request that your Data no longer be used or not be deleted during the time we are processing your request.

e) Give and withdraw your consent – “Right to object and withdraw your consent”:

At any time, you may withdraw your consent or object to the receipt of newsletters and advertising emails, the personalization of advertisements or the sharing of your Data with our partners (except for technical service providers) by email request to support@tradelite.de.

We will not discriminate against and, therefore, not deny requests without legal reason, provide a different level of service or charge different prices to players that choose to exercise their rights.

If you feel that your rights have not been respected after having contacted us, you have the right to make a complaint to the competent supervisory authority. For the state of Bavaria, the competent authority is:

Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA)

Data Protection Authority for the German state of Bavaria


To submit a consultation request, privacy complaint, or data breach report, please use online services:


We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy, if necessary, in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. This way, we can adapt it to the current legal requirements and take changes in our services into account, e.g. when introducing new Services. The most current version always applies to your visit.

The current version of this Privacy Policy is always available in the app.